"There is no greater reward than working from your heart, and making a difference in the world" –  Carlos Santana


X A N A D R O M E is a consultancy with a difference, we believe success is more than just a number, to prosper is to share and growth is striving to continuously Improve.

X A N A D R O M E drives successful Client outcomes by combining deep industry expertise with technical capabilities, working collaboratively  to deliver results that add tangible value and excellent Client experience.

FInancial Services


Within the industry from investment to retail banking and insurance to wealth management recent market developments have led to the competitive and regulatory landscape evolving at unprecedented speed. The uncertain economic conditions and rapidly changing customer needs mean IT has to deliver rapid, adaptable and stable solutions that meet the most demanding requirements.

X a n a d r o m e has worked with a range of financial services organisations to support the deployment of flexible, innovative technology solutions to deliver competitive advantage and operational efficiencies.

Energy and Utilities


Energy & utilities sector is growing more challenging and the organisations must cope with this changing competitive environment. There is a need for big investment in generating the energy and operating the grid with the rise of renewable energy and unconventional energy sources. New regulatory developments and more sophisticated customers also add to the difficult business environment.
In the case of water utilities, large capital expenditures are needed to develop new infrastructure in developing countries, while in developed countries existing infrastructure needs revamping in a context of sharply decreasing volumes.

X a n a d r o m e understands these challenges and regulatory environment. We work with our clients very closely in assessing the problems and develop strategic, operational and organizational answers to these challenges and help implement tailored solutions that work. 

Public Sector

Eliminating waste and maximising efficiency is always a priority for any public sector body. X a n a d r o m e can help achieve these through constructive consultancy partnerships and of course, industry-leading products. Through delivering clear objectives and allowing for rapid deployment, we can always demonstrate a healthy return on investment to ensure public funds are always spent wisely. We have helped a number of Clients to:


• Analyse and streamline core business process in order to optimise operational performance

• Deliver a better service with increased efficiency

• Publish and communicate processes ensuring business operational continuity

• Manage reform initiatives

• Ensure processes are cost and resource efficient & effective

• Unify business processes

• Automate manual tasks in order to accelerate performance



Helping law firms to adapt to an ever evolving world

We provide a range of practical business and compliance support to our members to enable them to manage their law firms more successfully and profitably.



Every business is looking for a competitive advantage, few industries are more competitive than retail.
Little efficiencies and improvements in internal processes can make a bottom line difference.
From high fashion to food, home improvements to office supplies, we have helped many retailers deliver better products and service with increased efficiency. We have helped organisations:

  • Ensure processes are cost and resource efficient, and effective

  • Automate manual tasks in order to accelerate performance

  • Supply chain and distribution management

  • Manage and streamline transport and logistical processes

  • Streamline the order to fulfillment and delivery process