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X a n a d r o m e provides agility and balance to your business initiatives & delivers core capabilities in ...



Enterprise Architecture (EA]
Business Process Management (BPM)

EA the Bigger Picture:

The sheer pace of change has meant IT has evolved organically in most organisations.


The right decisions have been taken for each business challenge, but there has been little time to focus on the ‘bigger picture. As a result, today’s CIOs, IT Directors and Managers are faced with a complex mesh of technologies within the enterprise, a situation that is expensive to maintain and difficult to adapt. Yet, today organisations need to adapt and improve faster and more often than ever before. With IT extending into every area of operations, this can only be achieved with a more flexible, agile IT infrastructure.


X a n a d r o m e empowers your organisation to...

  • design and implement better IT architecture

  • reduce costs

  • improve responsiveness to change

  • achieve business goals and objectives


From Design to Execution:

Increasing needs to maximise operational returns, organisations must continuously adapt and improve their business processes to remain competitive in today’s global market. Succeeding in this new business environment requires companies to rethink their internal processes and implement a coherent Business Process Management (BPM) strategy.


X a n a d r o m e partners with vendors who deliver a comprehensive BPM suite that provides a simple and efficient way to implement, execute and monitor business workflow applications in a familiar and easy to use environment. Requiring no or limited programming or database expertise, these wizard-driven suites provide added value to existing organizational management and operations by linking all necessary process components into a single cost effective enterprise. 

Business Process Improvement
Re-Engineering (BPI & BPR)
Business Process Modellinig & Analysis
Project Management

BPI/BPR Program Development and Management:

The demand for business process improvements keeps increasing year-on-year with the promise of improved productivity. Despite the investments of capital and time spent planning and implementing, such projects far too often fall short of delivering expected results and financial benefits that were originally promised.
Companies can dramatically increase the return on operating assets from well designed and executed "Business Process Improvement/Re-engineering Program Plans" that support and compliment current and future business plans.


X a n a d r o m e:

  • offers a proven approach that will maximise your return on investment in improving business processes.

  • has extensive experience helping clients develop and implement practical BPI/BPR Program Plans.
    Our approach to BPI Program Development will help you to:

    • Prioritise projects based on business needs and goals

    • Rapidly respond to changing business conditions

    • Develop a practical BPI/BPR Program that incorporates best practices

    • Provide the road map for projects to be completed on time and within budget through an integrated approach

    • Involve all 'end to end' business Stakeholders to ensure their ownership of projects and holistic awareness of change



Pragmatic, SMART based approach to Enterprise Excellence based on industry proven approaches, methods & Tools:

X a n a d r o m e is experienced in Lean Six Sigma methodologies and concepts, and the supporting tools and approaches needed. We can help you improve the Sigma performance of your processes. We will enable you to embed a culture that genuinely supports systematic problem solving and process improvement. 

X a n a d r o m e's approach to Sigma Improvement has evolved through our wide experience in business improvement, assisting organisations  with their Lean Six Sigma programme across UK and globally. We can help you develop and implement an appropriate approach and programme for Sigma Improvement within your organisation by:

  • designing a tailored programme to meet your business needs and objectives

  • assisting in evaluating the benefits an improvement programme could bring you

  • providing comprehensive training to your staff

  • helping you roll out the programme across your organisation

  • providing continuous advice and support


Lean Six Sigma

Management, Governance, Communication & Delivery:

X a n a d r o m e are experienced in Prince 2, Change Management, and Agile project delivery concepts, and supporting implementation tools and techniques. we use our knowledge and experience to help organisations in successful delivery of their business transformation & IT projects in a way that 'fits' their working environment and culture. 




Leveraging a Business Process Model:

X a n a d r o m e can create process models enabling your enterprise to leverage business processes for:

  • analysis

  • communication

  • process improvement

  • training

Using the X a n a d r o m e approach to business process modeling will  :

  • ensure a top-down approach to process modelling

  • structured decomposition and classification of processes

  • event driven process modelling

  • express processes using industry standard Modelling notation and naming conventions

  • true end to end process mapping/modelling (Customer Journey’s)

  • re-usable processes, reusable models/maps and reusable analysis (RuA)

  • repository based process modelling

x a n a d r o m e Modelling Offerings:

Process Modelling Solution 1(Bronze)

  • We offer our Business Process Analysts who will deliver  onsite analysis to model your business processes.

Process Modelling Solution 2 (Silver)

  • We offer our Business Process Analysts who deliver onsite analysis services using our modelling tools to model, document and publish your processes. We will provide you with output in MS Word, MS PowerPoint & HTML. 

Process Modelling Solution 3 (Gold)

  • All features offered in ‘Modelling Solution 2’ but in addition we manage and store your processes in our repository.

  • Our services are available out of hours also to manage and model any changes to processes and re-design any requirements. 

  • We apply our lean six sigma expertise to focus on areas that need improvement and re-engineering helping reduce cycle times, eliminate waste, develop an action plan with next steps to maintain an approach of continuous improvement

Capability Resourcing

Resource Pool Of Approved Consultants & Associates: 


X a n a d r o m e has a dedicated resource pool of the Consultants & Associates with following capabilities:

  • Enterprise Architects

  • Business Architects

  • Data Architects

  • Programme / Project Managers (PMP / Prince 2)

  • Business Analysts

  • Business Process Analysts

  • Process Modellers

  • Data Modellers

  • Enterprise Modelling Tools Experts

    • Casewise, Aris, Metastorm, IBM, Metastorm, Sparx & Others

  • Lean Six Sigma Professionals

  • Prince 2 Practitioners

  • Agile Consultants / Coaches & Practitioners

  • Change Management Professionals

  • Web Developers