"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve" Napoleon Hill


It is said there are no coincidences in life that one determines in many ways what they become, the people they meet and the work they choose to do.


A group of individuals from very different backgrounds collaborated on a challenging project, these individuals all had expertise that had been refined through many years of 'hands on' experience of delivering Business Transformation & IT focused projects / initiatives in various industries.


Though the project they embarked on presented many difficult challenges, this focused group of individuals succeeded in delivering the project within time, budget and exceeded quality expectation.

More significantly they made a difference by adding value by enabling the organisation to adapt seamlessly and positively to change and ensured a solution that was repeatable, scalable and sustainable for their Client.


These individuals continued to work together on many other projects / initiatives, continuously improving and evolving their own capabilities as well as those of the Clients they worked for.

It was clear to them that they shared core values and principles such as integrity, transparency, commitment, collaboration, respect and kindness, so they decided to unify. The unification of these talented individuals we now call ... X A N A D R O M E

 About Us 

Our Vision

Be leaders in providing Business Transformation & Enterprise Excellence solutions


Our Mission

Be the best in delivering innovative industry-focused solutions with measurable business outcomes
We will partner with customers for their success


Our Values

Customer Centricity | Commitment to People & Community

I Equality | Integrity | Transparency | Collaboration | Respect & Kindness